The Seacraft DPV uses modern technological solutions and the best construction materials to appeal to the most demanding divers. The motor is lightweight (16 kg with battery), operates when completely submerged, uses a high-performance drive unit that provides prolonged dive time at a high pulling force, provides constant monitoring of operating parameters via an OLED graphic display computer, and recharges the scooter, all using an ergonomic self-contained control system. These features are just a few of the many innovative solutions that are used in the Seacraft underwater scooter.


Propeller with nozzle and post swirl stator was specially designed for the SEACRAFT scooter. Directing the water jet at the right angle increases the power of the scooter and its thrust. Thanks to this solution, the scooter has the potential to distinguish from other models available in the market, both in terms of technical parameters and flow ergonomics. This allows each SEACRAFT scooter to be more agile than competitive models while using less force to control or change the direction.


SEACRAFT DPV is the first diving scooter in the world in which the motor operates directly in the water. Specially designed and patented solutions allow the complete elimination of the drive shaft and need for expensive and unreliable seals used in other similar designs. The submerged motor is much more durable and resistant to overheating within the scooter. Innovative solutions enable you to work in deeper waters for longer durations and with much greater motor power. The motor enables direct drive propulsion, which translates into greater efficiency and more reliable operation of the scooter.


The SEACRAFT DPV is the only scooter on the market with a color OLED graphic display on-board computer that allows full and continuous control of all key parameters of the scooter's operation such as: current operating speed, percentage of battery charge, and temperature and humidity of the scooter compartment. Advanced users have additional programmable functions and the ability to display these parameters while diving. Thanks to these innovative solutions, every diver can safely carry out even the most ambitious diving plans.


Designed, developed and built from scratch electronic navigation console is a solution that allows the user to keep track of basic navigation data such as: current diving depth, direction of travel, current dive time, and immersion and ascent speed. The device, conveniently located on the scooter steering handle, significantly increases the accuracy with which diving can be planned and executed, helping to guide the diver to a predetermined destination and return to the starting point. The electronic navigation console is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is equipped with a PCM to protect it against overload, overcharging and excessive discharge.


The innovative steering handle, contains built-in stop/start buttons and multi-select up/down gear buttons to optimize flow rates; it also allows the scooter to be held stable with either two hands or one (optional for the disabled). These features dramatically improve the ergonomics of use, reduce user fatigue and increase diving safety.


Designed, developed and built from scratch by engineers, the multi-functional torch device, can be used as a primary torch or backup. The special design of the device allows an operational capability of several days; it also loses power gradually, allowing the user to adjust the dive as necessary. The device is waterproof and suitable for use under water up to a depth of 150 m (Basic version). The reliability and durability are due to the fact that the torch is made of ultra-high strength aluminum with an anodized seawater resistant coating. Due to elimination of electronics from the design the device has the highest energy efficiency available on the market and allows for long and reliable exploration both underwater and on land.


A powerful lithium-ion battery provides the best weight-capacity ratio available, extremely long operating times and guarantees a constant motor thrust, regardless of the charge state. All batteries are custom-made especially for Seacraft DPVs. They are enclosed in a hermetic impact-proof housing and contain an integrated protection circuit and charging control board. Covers, made of aircraft-grade aluminium, provide excellent heat transfer, preventing the battery overheating even during extensive operation at maximum power. Additionally, they serve as reinforcing bulkheads inside the scooter in case of mechanical damage to the hull. Cells inside the battery are carefully arranged in order to make sure the center of gravity is located off the battery’s central axis; this guarantees the scooter’s excellent stability and attitude control in the standard position.


Inspired by aircraft jet engine designs, the addition of a stator to the scooter’s motor construction, brings revolution to the DPV market. Thanks to the stator, the circulation of the water column (which is created as a result of the propeller’s rotation) is converted into thrust instead of torque production (torque production typically results in handle rotation which causes diver fatigue and discomfort). Also, stator’s custom made profiles’ shapes eliminate torque, without necessity of using thrust-reducing solutions such as steering fins or using scooter inner ballast, which don’t work equally well within all speed range. Two goals achieved by one solution- maximum power and outstanding drive comfort.